History of Hida

There is a small town named Hida in Japan. The houses inside the town are built using ropes instead of nails to keep the joints of each wooden branch together. The roof is not fixed to the structural beam but rather slantly cuts the edge of the beam that is attached to the roof so it will be flexible against winds. This became a traditional method in Hida. Back in the day, people took turns to put up the roof. The material that they used to create the roof were straws, which would have to be replaced every 30-40 years. Since so much labor would have to be put into these kinds of houses, it started to become less popular and left behind as a Hida tradition. Hida Japanese Restaurant has brought this traditional Gassho-style housing to a part of New York where it also snows extensively just like in Hida, Japan. 500-year-old hardwoods have been imported from the town of Hida to Hawthorne, New York to build the Gassho-style house in the early 1970s. This was widely reported by The New York Times at the time and hence, Hida became instant buzz for local goers.


A large, beautifully and highly maintained traditional Japanese garden is available for catering events and parties. Stroll around our garden and take your dining experience to another level by entering a setting authentic to the Japanese culture. HIDA Japanese Restaurant holds a proud history with deeply rooted traditions, offering a serene garden for those who appreciate and love the outdoors.

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We offer Hibachi, Sushi and Asian Fusion Cuisine that’s fun for the whole family. Visit us to enjoy a very special meal. Our staff is dedicated to your dining experience and will make you feel like you have sat back into an old farmhouse in Japan. It is our mission to pour our love for Japanese cuisine into every meal we design. From basic traditional ingredients to custom made requests, we make every effort to ensure that we provide the finest quality food with the best possible service at the most competitive prices.

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